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Malaika Initiative needs you

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Malaika Initiative needs you

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I used to teach in a school with Teacher Grace between 1985 and 1989.

Her daughter married, but unfortunately, the couple later tested HIV positive, including the girl child to whom they gave birth in 1991. The mother died of AIDS in 2004.
In 2005 this granddaughter suffered TB. She dropped out of school for the whole year, but she did her final primary exam and managed to join secondary school the following year.
In 2007 the granddaughter suffered meningitis. She was taken to hospital but the doctors mishandled the case due to discrimination; she was positive. She became unconscious for a time, then suffered a stroke on the right side of her body. When she regained consciousness she was discharged and the mother asked to book physiotherapy. After three sessions the doctor told Teacher Grace to the face to look for better use of her money as the granddaughter would die of AIDS.
Teacher Grace employed a physiotherapist to treat her granddaughter at home.
In 2012, after seeing what she had gone thru with her granddaughter, she decided to look for poor parents with similar cases so that she could help them thru after she had already managed the case of her own granddaughter. In 2015 she registered an organization, Malaika Initiative for People with Disability, to help poor parents with children suffering from cerebral palsy so that together they could help one another to manage their challenges.
Her granddaughter, whom the doctor told Teacher Grace that she would die is now 30yrs old.
Today am working again with Teacher Grace, but this time to reach poor mothers with disabled children hidden in homes due to trauma. Ubuntu Village will organize them into a strong community managing their own destiny and that of their disabled children. - Issa Mbogo, Heart Cares